4th Workshop

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Topic: The lexicographical process in online dictionaries (22nd and 23rd November 2012, Trierer Kompetenzzentrum für elektronische Erschließungs- und Publikationsverfahren in den Geisteswissenschaften/Center for Digital Humanities, Trier)


(Lexikografischer Prozess ANW), (Bestandsicherung und Aktualisierung DWDS), (Lexikografischer Prozess elexiko), (Lexikografischer Prozess Wörterbuchnetz), (Lexikografischer Prozess Wiktionary), (Mhd. Wörterbuch als Internetwörterbuch), (Impulsreferat Bearbeitungsteilwortschätze), (Impulsreferat Archivierung - LEXUS-3-Datenbanken)

Until now, research into the lexicographical process has focused almost exclusively on printed dictionaries. This process is completely different for online dictionaries (especially those which are under construction): here, it is not a question of a succession of individual production phases, but rather of a continuous intermingling of simultaneous steps (Klosa 2011, Klosa, forthcoming).

In this context, a range of questions arise, e.g. how to choose which sections to revise, or how different versions of the dictionaries should be categorised or archived. The impact of these changes on users must be examined. We must also think about how the visualisation of lexicographical information can support the lexicographical process. Further topics for discussion are how users can be included in the lexicographical process, and what advantages and disadvantages arise from so-called bottom-up lexicography (Fuertes-Olivera 2009).

At the workshop, the lexicographical process for different online dictionaries will be described, so that medium-specific processes become apparent and the question of how the lexicographical process differs for the publication of online dictionaries can be answered. In addition to that, we will also address how new forms of data extraction from electronic corpora influence the lexicographical process. The consequences for users will also be discussed.


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